Aurora has been a vegetarian since childhood, and finally kicked dairy for good after realizing the damage it was doing to her digestion and hormones.  Plus she watched a million videos of watching baby cows being separated from their mothers. It’s so sad!


Being from the midwest, Aurora has an unquenchable thirst for potatoes and fried foods, and specifically fried potatoes covered in cheese. Her inspiration behind Not That Kind of Vegan came from trying to find healthy, vegan, and gluten free, oil free substitutions to her childhood comfort food staples.  The focus behind Not That Kind of Vegan is on nutrition first, and using nutritious foods as nourishment to feel our best, and to be cruelty free in the process.  

Aurora has a background in plant based nutrition as well as Ayurvedic Medicine, and aside from cooking up delicious WFPB meals, also does Ayurvedic Nutrition Counseling at Nourished Ayurveda.  If you’re unfamiliar with Ayurveda, the focus is on the concept of we are not what we eat, but what we digest.  Digestion is the key to make sure we are actually getting the nutrients we need from the food we eat to build healthy tissues and to feel our best physically and mentally.  There’s a misconception that switching to a whole food plant based diet leads to gas and other digestion issues. That’s not true! You may just not be eating the right balance of nutrients for your body type, and we all deserve to feel like our most badass selves!